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Resources for Teaching Ethics

The 100th ethics case study has been released today by the Media Ethics Initiative, part of the Center for Media Engagement in the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas at Austin. The most recent case concerns social media and the shaming of COVID-19 protocol violators (“TikTok, Time to Snitch”). It is an easy, concise, and catchy way to give your students something to ground discussions of social media, shaming, and ethics. It’s also a fascinating case in the ethics of free speech and democracy online. Check out the other 99 cases at: https://mediaengagement.org/vertical/media-ethics/. They cover a range of interesting and important topics in digital ethics, free speech, journalism, advertising/PR, political communication, art, health communication, south Asian media, and sports communication. All are free and readily available in PDF format, and they are designed for a range of uses and pedagogical frameworks.