hand writing book man 7986 1600x1200hand writing book man 7986 1600x1200BY RUDIE SINGER

Are you a noun or a verb?

A thing … or pure movement?

we crave painkillers

for the body … for the mind

and for the heart:

and now life’s arena serves

as a modern opium den

where euphemism

and tainted inference

are part of the fog

cleverly concealed

behind passive verbs,

we smoke the fire

out of language

and jerkily chew the residue

the way we allow life to happen

or voraciously lust after it

is tolled by the reverberant scroll

that rolls off our tongues

do we wish the weight

that a conscious choice bears?

to choose to listen

in sacred silence …

or do we wish to wrap the mind

in the organ-grind drone

of a media stoned

where speech minus thought

has wrought a desert without sky

that hums

to a toothless lie?