(Does not include special issues of magazines or organizational reports. "Blurb" signifies a brief mention, not a review)

1:2 Fall 1988

Thomas Cooper, Television and Ethics

Conrad Fink, Media Ethics: In the Newsroom and Beyond

James A. Jaksa, Michael Pritchard, Communication Ethics: Methods of Analysis

Jeffrey Olen, Ethics in Journalism

William L. Rivers, Cleve Mathews, Ethics for the Media

2:1 Spring 1989

Larry Gross, John Katz, Jay Ruby, Image Ethics, The Moral Right of Subjects in Photographs, Film and Television

2:2 (none)

3:1 Fall 1990

Rena Gorlin, Codes of Professional Responsibility (2nd edition)

Judith Lichenberg, Democracy and the Mass Media

3:2 Spring 1991 John Merrill, Everette Dennis, Media Debates: Issues in Mass Communication

Douglas Campbell, The Supreme Court and the Mass Media

Alan Olson, Christopher Parr, Debra Parr, Video Icons & Values

4:1 Fall 1991

Robert Denton, Ethical Dimensions of Political Communication

4:2 Spring 1992

Donald Gillmor, Power, Publicity and the Abuse of Libel Law

Linda Steiner, "Feminist Theorizing and Communication Ethics" (article)

Maynard Hicks, Media Ethics, Entrances

5:1 & 2 Fall 1992 Jay Black, Bob Steele, Ralph Barney, Doing Ethics, SPJ Ethics Handbook

Dan Nimmo, James, E. Combs, The Political Pundits (blurb)

Hamid Mowlana, George Gerbner, Herbert Schiller, Triumph of the Image: The Media's War in the Persian Gulf-A Global perspective (blurb)

David Paletz, Alex Schmid, Terrorism and the Media (blurb)

Oleg Manaev, Media in Transition: From Totalitarianism to Democracy (blurb)

6:1 Fall 1993

Tony Smith, The Role of Ethics in Social Theory (blurb)

Gerald Koocher, Ethics & Behavior (blurb)

6:2 Spring 1994

Philip Patterson, Lee Wilkins, Media Ethics: Issues & Cases (2nd ed.)

James Jaksa, Michael Pritchard, Communication Ethics: Methods of Analysis (2nd edition)

Linda Fuller, Lilless McPherson, Communicating about Communicable Diseases

Ralph Lowenstein, John Merrill, Macromedia: Mission, Message & Morality (blurb)

Larry Sabato, Feeding Frenzy (blurb)

7:1 Fall 1995

James Rest, Darcia Narvaez, Moral Development in the Professions (blurb)

Robert Ashmore, William Starr, Ethics Across the Curriculum... Marquette (blurb)

7:2 Spring 1996

John Merrill, Legacy of Wisdom: Great Thinkers and Journalism

James Fallows, Breaking the News: How the Media Undermine American Democracy

Michael Bugeja, Living Ethics: Developing Values in Mass Communication (blurb)

Lloyd E. Chiasson, The Press in Times of Crisis (blurb)

Robert Hilliard, Michael Keith, Global Broadcasting Systems (blurb)

S. Robert Lichter, Richard Noyes, Good Intentions Make Bad News: Presidential Campaigns in the Media Age (blurb)

Larry J. Sabato, S. Robert Lichter, When should the Watchdog Bark?: Media Coverage of the Clinton Scandals

8:1 Fall 1996

List of 23 ethics newsletters Sweet Pea Communications videos (blurb)

AAAS videos (blurb)

Lesley Grayson, Scientific Deception, An Overview and Guide to the Literature of Misconduct and Fraud in Scientific Research (blurb)

Muriel Bebeau, et al, Moral Reasoning in Scientific Research (blurb)

Direct Marketing Assn., Ethical Business Practice (pamphlet) (blurb)

Edd Applegate, Print & Broadcast Journalism: A Critical Examination (blurb)

Insight Media, Ethical Considerations in Journalism videos (blurb)

Jay Black, Mixed News: The Public/Civic/Communitarian Journalism Debate (blurb)

Gerald S. Greenberg, bibliography on tabloid journalism (blurb)

U.S.G. P.O., Federal Ethics Policy (CD-Rom) (blurb)

Paul Martin Lester, Images That Injure (blurb)

Pew Center for Civic Journalism video (blurb)

8:2 Spring 1997

Tom Cooper, A Time Before Deception

Rena Gorlin, Codes of Professional Responsibility (3rd edition)

Lynne Schafer Gross, The International World of Electronic Media

John C. Merrill, Global Journalism

Robert L. Hilliard, Michael Keith, Global Broadcasting Systems

Deckle McLean, Privacy and Its Invasion Porfirio Barroso, videos (blurbs)

9:1 Fall 1997

David Gordon, John M. Kittross, Carol Reuss, John C. Merrill, Controversies in Media Ethics

Kaarle Nordenstreng, Reports on Media Ethics in Europe

Jay Rosen, Getting the Connections Right: Public Journalism and the Troubles in the Press

Michael J. Bugeja, Living Ethics: Developing Values in Mass Communication

Steven R. Knowlton, Moral Reasoning for Journalists: Cases and Commentary

Richard J. Johannesen, Ethics in Human Communication (4th ed.)

Josina M. Makau & Ronald C. Arnett, Communication Ethics in an Age of Diversity

Philip Seib, Campaigns and Conscience: The Ethics of Political Journalism

Northwest Passage Productions/KTEH, Fear and Favor in the Newsroom (film) (blurb)

Deni Elliott & Judy E. Stern, Research Ethics: A Reader (blurb)

Films for the Humanities and Sciences videos (blurb)

Communication Booknotes Quarterly (new journal)

9:2 Spring 1998

J. Herbert Altschull, from Milton to McLuhan: The Ideas Behind American Journalism

Fred L. Casmir (ed.) Ethics in Intercultural and International Communication

Darnell M. Hunt, Screening the Los Angeles "Riots": Race, Seeing and Resistance

Matthew Kieran, Media Ethics: A Philosophical Approach

Paul Martin Lester (ed.) Images that Injure: Pictorial Stereotypes in the Media

James A. Mackin, Jr. Community, Over Chaos: An Ecological Perspective on Communication Ethics

John C. Merrill, Journalism Ethics: Philosophical Foundations for the News Media

James Roman, Love, Light, and a Dream: Television's Past, Present, and Future

Jim Willis with Albert Adelowo Okunade, Reporting on Risks: The Practice and Ethics of Health and Safety Communication

Poynter, Journalism & Justice: The Media and the O.J. Simpson Case video (blurb)

Poynter, When Good Journalists do Bad Things video (blurb)

Poynter, Doing Ethics in Journalism video (blurb)

Media Education Foundation videos (Noam Chomsky, Sut Jhally, George Gerbner, Stuart Hall, bell hooks) (blurb)

Video Data Bank, Spin and Political Advertising video (blurb)

Business Ethics on the Web (list of addresses)

10:1 Fall 1998

A. David Gordon & John M. Kittross, Controversies in Media Ethics (2nd edition) (by Bill Babcock)

Brill's Content (new magazine)

10:2 Spring 1999

Clifford G. Christians, Mark Fackler, Kim B. Rotzoll & Kathy Brittain McKee, Media Ethics: Cases and Moral Reasoning (5th ed.)

Jeremy Iggers, Good News, Bad News

John Weckert, Douglas Adeney, Computer and Information Ethics

11:1 Fall 1999

Clifford Christians & Michael Traber (eds.), Communication Ethics and Universal Values

James S. Ettema & Theodore L. Glasser, Custodians of Conscience: Investigative Journalism and Public Virtue

Paul Thaler, The Spectacle: Media and the Making of the O.J. Simpson Story

John Calhoun Merrill, The Princely Press: Machiavelli on the American Journalism

Susan & Bill Buzenberg, Salant, CBS, and the Battle for the Soul of Broadcast Journalism

William Barbour (ed.), Mass Media: Opposing Viewpoints

Mary S. Mander (ed.) Framing Friction: Media and Social Conflict

11:2 Spring 2000

Larry Z. Leslie, Mass Communication Ethics: Decision Making in Postmodern Culture

Louis Alvin Day, Ethics in Media Communications: Cases and Controversies (3rd ed.)

Emmanuel E. Paraschos, Media Law and Regulation in the European Union: National, Transnational and U.S. Perspectives

Ron F. Smith, Groping for Ethics in Journalism (4th ed.)

Robert L. Hilliard & Michael C. Keith, Waves of Rancor: Turning in the Radical Right

12:1 Fall 2000

Gianfranco Bettetini & Armando Fumagalli, Quel che resta dei media: Idee per un'etica della communicazione (1998) (by Monica Condina)

Claude-Jean Bertrand, Media Ethics & Accountability Systems (200)

David Pritchard, Holding the Media Accountable: Citizens, Ethics, and the Law (2000)

Collin Shaw, Deciding What We Watch: Taste, Decency and Media Ethics in the UK and the USA (1999)

John C. Nerone (ed.), Last Rights: Revisiting Four Theories of the Press (1995)

J. Vernon Jensen, Ethical Issues in the Communication Process (1997)

Philip Patterson & Lee Wilkins, Media Ethics: Issues & Cases (3rd ed., 1998)

Rosalind G. Stark, Media Ethics: Where Do You Draw the Line? (1999) (brief review)

Ann Larabee, Decade of Disaster (2000) (brief review)

"The People's Choice: The Media, The Campaign and the Citizens" (2000) (blurb) (Pew)

"Guide to Research on Race and News" (blurb) (Missouri)

J. Gregory Payne (three blurbs, Celebrity & Spectacle, Ethics and Communication Conference, Kent State/Jackson State) (Emerson)

12:2 Spring 2001

Robert Lewis Shayon, Odyssey in Prime Time: A Life in Twentieth Century Media (2001) (by Bob Hilliard)

F. Miguel Valenti, More Than a Movie: Ethics in Entertainment (2000)

Robert Giles & Robert W. Snyder, What's Fair: The Problem of Equity in Journalism (2000)

Bart Pattyn, Media Ethics: Opening Social Dialogue (2000)

Theodore L. Glasser (ed.), The Idea of Public Journalism (1999)

Edmund B. Lambeth, Philip E. Meyer & Esther Thorson (eds.), Assessing Public Journalism (1998)

Matthew Kieran (ed.), Media Ethics (1998)

Dean Alger, Megamedia: How Giant Corporations Dominate Mass Media, Distort Competition, and Endanger Democracy (1998)

Benjamin M. Compaine & Douglas Gomery, Who Owns the Media? (3rd ed.) (2000)

Robert W. McChesney, Rich Media, Poor Democracy: Communication Politics in Dubious Times (1999)

Vicent Mosco, The Political Economy of Communication (1996)

Dan Schiller, Digital Capitalism: Networking the Global Market System (1999)

Frederick Williams & John V. Pavlik (eds.), The People's Right to Know: Media, Democracy, and the Information Highway (1994)

Jodi R. Cohen, Communication Criticism: Developing Your Critical Powers (1998)

Peter B. Orlik, Electronic Media Criticism: Applied Perspectives (2nd edition) (2001)

Jack Lule, Daily News, Eternal Stories> The Mythological Role of Journalism (2001) (brief review)

Julianne H. Newton, The Burden of Visual Truth: The Role of Photojournalism in Mediating Reality (2001) (brief review)

Michael Keith, Talking Radio: An Oral History of American Radio in the Television Age (2000) (brief review)

Fayad E. Kazan, Mass Media, Modernity, and Development: Arab States of the Gulf (1999) (brief review)

Don Heider, White News: Why Local News Programs Don't Cover People of Color (2000) (brief review)

Carl Jensen, 20 Years of Censored News (19997) (brief review)

Carla Brooks Johnston, Screened Out: How the Media Control Us and What We can Do About It (2000)

13:1 Fall 2001

Angel Durandez & Alfonso Sanchez-Tabernero, El Futuro de la Television en Espaᄂa: Analisis prospectivo 2000-2005 (2000)

Colin Sparks & John Tulloch, Tabloid Tales: Global Debates Over Media Standards (2000)

Monroe E. Price, The V-Chip Debate: Content Filtering from Television to the Internet (1998)

13:2 Spring 2002

John C. Merrill, Peter J. Gade & Frederick R. Blevens, Twilight of Press Freedom: The rise of people's journalism (2001)

Joseph B. Atkins, The Mission: Ethics and the World (2002)

Philip Patterson & Lee Wilkins, Media Ethics: Issues & Cases (4th edition, 2002)

Jerold M. Starr, Air Wars: The Fight to Reclaim Public Broadcasting (2000)

Patricia Aufderheide, Communication Policy and the Public Interest: The Telecommunications Act of 1996 (1999)

Ronald C. Arnett & Pat Arneson, Dialogic Civility in a Cynical Age: Community, Hope, and Interpersonal Relationships (1999) (brief)

Donna L. Halper, Invisible Stars: A Social History of Women in American Broadcasting (2001) (brief mention)

Cees J. Hamelink, The Ethics of Cyberspace (2000) (brief mention)

Craig E. Johnson, Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership: Casting Light or Shadow (2001) (brief mention)

Journal of Media and Religion (brief note)

14:1 Fall 2002

Bernard Goldberg, Bias (2002) (Review essay by Jeffrey E. Stephenson)

Elaine E. Englehardt & Ralph D. Barney, Media and Ethics: Principles for Moral Decisions (2002)

Everette E. Dennis & John C. Merrill, Media Debates: Great Issues for the Digital Age (3rd ed.) (2002)

S.L. Alexander, Covering the Courts: A Handbook for Journalists (1999)

Walter M. Brasch & Dana R. Ulloth, Social Foundations of the Mass Media (2001)

Richard D. Barnet & Larry L. Burriss. Controversies of the Music Industry (2001)

Howard Gardner, Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi & William Damon, Good Work: When Excellence and Ethics Meet (2001)

Jay Samoriski, Issues in Cyberspace: Communication, Technology, Law, and Society on the Internet Frontier (2002)

Herbert N. Foerstel, From Watergate to Monicagate: Ten Controversies in Modern Journalism (2001)

Alberto Gonzalez, Delores V. Tanno, Politics, Communication, and Culture (1997) (brief mention)

Betty Houchin Winfield & Sandra Davidson (eds.) Bleep! Censoring Rock and Rap Music (1999) (brief mention)

Rena A. Gorlin, Codes of Professional Responsibility: Ethics Standards in Business, Health and Law (4th ed.) (1999) (brief mention)

Shelby Coffee, III Best Practices: The Art of Leadership in News Organizations (2002) (brief mention)

Marjorie Heins & Christina Cho, Media Literacy: An Alternative to Censorship (2002) (brief mention)

Don W. Stacks, Primer of Public Relations Research (2002) Brent Baker, Integrated Communications in the Internet Era (2001) (brief mention)

W. Barnett Pearce & Stephen W. Littlejohn, Moral conflict: When Social Worlds Collide (1997) (brief mention)

Charles Lyons, The New Censors: Movies and the Culture Wars (1997) (brief mention) Bosah Ebo (ed.), Cyberimperialism? Global Relations in the New Electronic Frontier (2001) (brief mention)

Laura R. Linder, Public Access Television: America's Electronic Soapbox (1999) (brief mention)

Michael Schudson, The Power of News (1995) (brief mention)

Ethics of Journalism (brief note)

Citizen Views of Local News Media (brief note)

Television & New Media (brief note)

Bob Steele & Al Tompkins, Newsroom Ethics (3rd ed.) (2002) (brief note)

International Journal of Press/Politics (brief note)

Journal of New Media and Culture (brief note)

14:2 Spring 2003

Edmund B. Lambeth, Committed Journalism: An Ethic for the Profession (2nd ed.) (Critical article by Seth Ashley titled "Seeing Both the Spider and the Web" and a "Response to Ashley" by Edmund Lambeth)

Matthias Karmasin, Media und Ethik (2002) (by K. Hardwood)

Howard Good & Michael J. Dillon, Media Ethics Goes to the Movies (2002)

Robert J. Hilliard & Michael C. Keith, Dirty Discourse: Sex and Indecency in American Radio (2003)

Louis Alvin Day, Ethics in Media Communication: Cases & Controversies (4th ed.) (2003)

Thomas H. Weeler, Phototruth or Photofiction?: Ethics and Media Imagery in the Digital Age (2002)

Brian Winston, Lies, Damn Lies and Documentaries (2001)

Jeff Alan, Responsible Journalism: A Practical Guide for Working and Aspiring Journalists (2001) (brief mention)

Donald Lamberton (ed.) Managing the global: Globalization, Employment and Quality of Life (2002) (brief mention)

Gilbert Cranberg, Randall Bezanson & John Soloski, Taking Stock: Journalism and the Publicly Traded Newspaper Companies (2001) (brief mention)

David L. Altheide, Creating Fear: News and the Construction of Crisis (2002) (brief mention)

Peter Phillips & Project Censored, Censored 2001 (2001) (brief mention)

Craig M. Allen, News is People: The Rise of Local News and the Fall of News from New York (2001) (brief mention)

Magid Tehranian & David W. Chappel, Dialogue of Civilizations: A New Peace Agenda for a New Millennium (2002) (brief mention)

Annette Hill, Shocking Entertainment: Viewer Response to Violent Movies (1997) (brief mention)

Ragnar Levi, Medical Journalism: Exposing Fact, Fiction, Fraud (2001) (brief mention)

Press Council Web Site (brief note)

Journal of Mass Media Ethics (brief note)

Popular Communication (brief note)

Sensabilites (brief note)

International Journal of Politics and Ethics (brief note)

Online Module on the Ethics of Research (brief note)

15:1 Fall 2003

Clifford G. Christians, Mark Fackler, Kim B. Rotzoll, Kathy Brittain McKee, MediaEthics: Cases and Moral Reasoning (5th ed.) (Critical article by Seth Ashley titled "Please Keep Telling Me What I Want to Hear: Perhaps Timeless Ethical Principles Have Lost Relevancy" and a "Response to Ashley" by Mark Fackler)

Medina Codina (ed.), Informaciᄁn , ficciᄁn, persuasiᄁn: ᄄEs la ツtica una utopᄀa?

Ron F. Smith, Groping for Ethics in Journalism (5th ed.)

Karen Saunders, Ethics & Journalism

Clifford G. Christians, Mark Fackler, Kim B. Rotzoll, Kathy Brittain McKee, Media Ethics: Cases and Moral Reasoning (6th ed.)

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David Berry (ed.), Ethics and Media Culture: Practices and Representations

Robert E. Denton, Jr. (ed.), Political Communication Ethics: An Oxymoron?

Philip E. Agre & Marc Rotenberg (eds.) Technology and Privacy: The New Landscape

Robert I. Berkman & Christopher A. Shumway, Digital Dilemmas: Ethical Issues for Online Media Professionals

Johan Retief, Media Ethics: An Introduction to Responsible Journalism

Don H. Corrigan, The Public Journalism Movement in America: Evangelists in the Newsroom

Mike Godwin, Cyber Rights: Defending Free Speech in the Digital Age (brief mention)

Doug Underwood, From Yahweh to Yahoo!: The Religious Roots of the Secular Press (brief mention)

Bruce W. Sanford, Don't Shoot the Messenger: How Our Growing Hatred of the Media Threatens Free Speech for All of Us (brief mention)

Tom Wicker, On the Record: An Insider's Guide to Journalism (brief mention)

Don Campbell & Wendell Cochran, Inside the Beltway: A Guide to Washington Reporting (2nd ed.) (brief mention)

Gale Dines & Jean M. Humez (eds.), Gender, Race and Class in Media (brief mention)

15:2 Spring 2004

Bernard Goldberg, Arrogance: Rescuing America from the Media Elite (review essay by Jeffrey E. Stephenson)

Thomas Bivins, Mixed Media: Moral Distinctions in Advertising, Public Relations and Journalism

Sharon L. Bracci & Clifford G. Christians (eds.), Moral Engagement in Public Life:Theorists for Contemporary Ethics

Colin Sparks & John Tulloch (eds.), Tabloid Tales: Global Debates Over Media Standards

Stephen Hess & Marvin Kalb (eds.), The Media and the War on Terrorism

Peter Philips & Project Censored, Censored 2004: The Top 25 Censored Stories

Lloyd Chiasson, Jr. (ed.), The Press on Trial: Crimes and Trials as Media Events (brief mention)

Keven G. Barnhurst & John Nerone, The Form of News: A History (brief mention)

W. James Potter, On Media Violence (brief mention)

Roy F. Fox, Harvesting Minds: How TV Commercials Control Kids (brief mention)

Sakae Ishikawa (ed.), Quality Assessment of Television (brief mention)

Barrie Gunter, Measuring Bias on Television (brief mention)

James E. Katz & Ronald E. Rice, Social Consequences of Internet Use: Access, Involvement and Interaction (brief mention)

Mark Warschauer, Technology and Social Inclusion: Rethinking the Digital Divide (brief mention)

Patricia Aufderheide, The Daily Planet: A Critic on the Capitalist Culture Beat (brief mention)

Roderick P. Hart, Seducing America: How Television Charms the Modern Voter (rev. ed.) (brief mention)

Charles Warner & Joseph Buchman, Media Selling: Broadcast, Cable, Print, and Interactive (3rd ed.) (brief mention)

16:1 Fall 2004

Clifford G. Christians, Kim B. Rotzoll, Mark Fackler, Kathy Brittain McKee & Robert H. Woods, Jr., Media Ethics: Cases and Moral Reasoning (7th ed.) (2005)

Claude-Jean Bertrand (ed.), An Arsenal for Democracy (2003)

John Frohnmayer, Out of Tune: Listening to the First Amendment (1995)(blurb)

16:2 Spring 2005

Lee Wilkins and Renata Coleman. The Moral Media: How Journalists Reason About Ethics (2005)

John C. Merrill, Ralph D. Berenger & Charles J. Merrill.Media Musings: Interviews with great thinkers (2004).

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