MEDIA ETHICS is proud to announce that our new owner and host is the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Clifford G. Christians will be serving as Executive Publisher, and Tom Galer-Unti as Director of Finances in Urbana. They have served as primary liaison for the publication's transition and are heartily thanked for an initial job well done.

We will continue in our roles as Co-Publishers. We are most grateful to the University of Illinois, and especially to their Institute of Communications Research and its director, Bruce Williams. John Michael ("Mike") Kittross, who has recently moved to Seattle, Washington, will continue to serve as editor of MEDIA ETHICS, and editorial and production assistants will continue to be Boston-based.

Manny Paraschos will continue to supervise the magazine's Web site,

Concurrently, MEDIA ETHICS has moved its office just down the street to 186 Tremont St., Boston MA 02111.

We wish to thank the officers of the Grand Masonic Lodge of Massachusetts for their generous donation of office space and resources, particularly Grand Secretary Arthur Johnson, Grand Master Jeffrey Hodgdon, Assistant Grand Treasurer Craig MacPherson, and Librarian-Archivist Cynthia Alcorn.

Emerson College supported and sponsored MEDIA ETHICS for more than 16 years, and we wish to toast the many Emersonians-presidents, chief academic officers, deans, department chairs, faculty and students-who contributed to the publication in terms of manuscripts and financial support from its infancy as a newsletter, through its emergence as an internationally recognized magazine, to today's mix of scholarly, professional and philosophical discourse. We look forward to receiving further contributions from them.

Elsewhere in this issue we acknowledge the current sponsors, donors and other contributors to MEDIA ETHICS. But there have been other individuals and organizations who have contributed through the years. A list is to be found in volume 15, number 1. We never could have published MEDIA ETHICS without them.

On behalf of everyone at MEDIA ETHICS-Advisory Board, Contributing Editors, staff-we are most grateful to all of those who have made this transition not only possible but promising. Hats off to those individuals and groups-and to all those everywhere supporting media ethics and MEDIA ETHICS.

TOM COOPER, Co-Publisher


The above article was published in Media Ethics, Fall 2005 (17:1),pp. 26-27.