Fifteen years ago, Tom Cooper and Emerson College hosted a media ethics summit. Representatives of all the major programs, initiatives, and scholarship in media ethics worked together on the big picture. The water table was raised. A vision for quality and collaboration emerged-for making media ethics the field leader among professional ethics as a whole.

We agreed a newsletter was necessary to keep one another working in harmony. And MEDIA ETHICS at Emerson was born-not as a clipboard but as a substantial magazine of stunning quality at every level, impeccably edited, and intellectually sophisticated.

MEDIA ETHICS has prospered from exemplary stability-rare in an often contentious and fragile academia. Having celebrated MEDIA ETHICS from its origins, what an honor for me as the new Executive Publisher to welcome it to the University of Illinois, and its editor to his alma mater. You'll be delighted that the editorial work is unchanged and the talented publishers are continuing as before.

In establishing its operations here in the Institute of Communications Research, I acknowledge with gratitude the support of its Director, Professor Bruce Williams, and of Ronald Yates, Dean of the College of Communications. Tom Galer-Unti, Budget Director for the College, now manages business affairs for ME and is already indispensable. It's blue sky in Urbana.

CLIFF CHRISTIANS, Executive Publisher The above article was published in Media Ethics, Fall 2005 (17:1),p.26.