Dear Contributor to MEDIA ETHICS magazine:

It may appear that we are geographically discombobulated, but appearances are deceiving. Much more is remaining the same than is changing. For example, the editorial policies of MEDIA ETHICS shouldn't be affected in any way by the change in ownership reported above. We will continue to be eclectic and independent in our nature and our content. And we are among friends. Cliff Christians was a leader of the 1987 Media Ethics Summit Conference that spawned MEDIA ETHICS, as was Tom Cooper. The Institute of Communications Research at the University of Illinois not only has frequently been a financial sponsor of MEDIA ETHICS, but has also hosted one of the ten-year series of Media Ethics Colloquia-and I earned my doctorate there more years ago than anyone wishes to remember.

Why, we don't know-but the number of potential topics for articles dealing with ethics and the mass media is burgeoning. At least, this is what "everybody" is saying. We'd like to turn that potential into actuality and publish good articles about them. We think that our new arrangements will help in doing just that.

So, don't forget about "the article that you should write for the next issue" of MEDIA ETHICS magazine-because we certainly would like to see it. As we've said before: MEDIA ETHICS always is looking to publish interesting works and information about mass media ethics.

We are completely open as to appropriate topics, viewpoints, methods, styles, and formats. We are eclectic. We'd love to receive from you-and your fellow media professionals, scholars, or students- research reports and commentaryanalysis consisting of well-written and reasoned opinion articles on any ethics of mass communication topic. We also publish reviews, reports, digests, bibliographies, case studies, and news releases dealing with events, opportunities, publications, and upcoming meetings. We've been known to publish poetry. We welcome debate and argument, and aren't biased toward either "new" or "old" media or topics. (But please keep the length of your submissions within our ability to publish them. Most of MEDIA ETHICS' opinion articles contain fewer than 1,200 words, and notices and reviews should be kept as short as possible.

Our deadlines are usually February 15 and August 15).

To submit a manuscript, you can e-mail it to me at the magazine (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or send it by U.S. mail to me at: 14314 Phinney Ave. N, Seattle, WA 98133.

We've been assured that the media_ethics@ address should continue to work for a while, and we expect the same of our Web site,

The new U. S. mail address for MEDIA ETHICS will be:

MEDIA ETHICS magazine, 186 Tremont St., Boston, MA 02111. At least temporarily, if you have a question relating to subscriptions and the like, you should be able to reach us by phone at 617.824.7808 or via e-mail addressed to assistant@

Thanks for what you've done for MEDIA ETHICS in the past. We certainly hope you'll keep in touch in the future.

JOHN MICHAEL ("MIKE") KITTROSS The above article was published in Media Ethics, Fall 2005 (17:1),pp.26-27.