Anne Cooper-Chen (ed.) (2005)

Global Entertainment Media: Content, Audiences, Issues. (Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates). 267 + xi pp. ISBN 0-8058-5169-0. $29.95 (paper). Contributors' backgrounds, chapter references, grids showing prime-time programming in 10 countries, author and subject indices.

This is another LEA slim reference volume for those ethicists who wish to make cross-cultural comparisons of entertainment-not news-media programming. The first two chapters (by Anne Cooper-Chen and Richard A. Gershon introduce us to the world of television and the transnational players. Approximately two-thirds of the book deals with programming in regions such as Europe (the United Kingdom (by Jeffrey Griffen) and Germany (Klaus Forster & Thomas Knieper)), Africa and the Middle East (Egypt, Nigeria and South Africa by Ralph D. Berenger & Kamel Lagidi, Anthony A. Olorunnisola & Tunde M. Akanni, and Lesley Cowling), Asia (India, Japan and China by Sandhya Rao, Tsutomu Kanayama & Tomoko Kanayama, and Hong Cheng respectively), and Latin America (Brazil and Mexico, by Regina Coeli da Silveira e Silva and Guillermo Orozco, respectively). Two particularly interesting cross-national case studies-on the Olympic games (by Anthony Moretti) and television game shows ("A World of 'Millionaires'" by Anne Cooper-Chen)-are discussed in the last two chapters.


The above article was published in Media Ethics, Spring 2006 (17:2),p.36