Daniel Terris (2005).

Ethics at Work: Creating Virtue in an American Corporation. (Waltham, MA: Brandeis University Press, published by University Press of New England). 160 + xi pp. ISBN 1-58465-333-7. $24.95 (hardbound). Notes.

Daniel Terris, director of the International Center for Ethics, Justice and Public Life at Brandeis University, has provided an intriguing description and assessment of an ethics program at one of the world's largest defense contractors, Lockheed Martin. In 1996, a new program that relied on a board game (much like Clue) that used characters from the Dilbert comic strip was introduced. Terris admires much about this program, which was inaugurated by Lockheed's CEO, Norm Augustine-even while he points out that the placing of responsibility on each worker for the ethical dimensions of his or her actions might divert attention from the arguably more important ethical responsibilities of senior management and the moral complexities of collective decision-making. In other words, doesn't that artificial "person," the corporation itself, have its own responsibilities to the public good, even though it may not be able to appreciate Dilbert?


The above article was published in Media Ethics, Spring 2006 (17:2),p.36.