The most recent issue of Ethical Space (2:4, 2005) contains news, an editorial by Richard Keeble, and a variety of opinion pieces and research reports. These include commentaries by Gavin Fairborn, the new chair of the Institute of Communication Ethics; Judith Vidal-Hall, editor of Index on Censorship;Lorna Roth, author of a new book on the story of First Peoples broadcasting in Canada (Something New In The Air); Dusan Babic, a Bosnian journalist, arguing the case for a global code of online journalism ethics; Susanne Fengler and Stephan Russ-Mohl debating over declining media standards in Germany; Bernard Margueritte, president of the International Communications Forum, arguing for promotion of the positive; and Simon Cross reviewing some of the myths underlying British press coverage of Europe. This issue also contains three formal papers. John Tulloch's "Normalizing the Unthinkable: the British press, torture and the human rights of terrorist suspects"; Kate Azuka Omenugha, "Africanness in the British Press: spicing the news or the right to tell?"; and Robert Beckett, "Communication ethics and the dialectic." n

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