In addition to our sponsors, who are listed on p. 00, Media Ethics wishes to pay particular tribute to: Leo Hindery, Jr., whose personal interest in media ethics has caused him to make extremely generous gifts consistently for several issues. The Grand Masonic Lodge of Massachusetts, particularly Grand Secretary Arthur Johnson, Grand Master Jeffrey Hodgson, and Assistant Grand Treasurer Craig MacPherson for providing the space and other facilities that enable the Media Ethics office to function. Our newest sponsor is the College of Mass Communication at Middle Tennessee State Univ., with particular thanks due to Dean Anatha Babbili, Assoc. Dean John Omachonu, Prof. Ed Kimbrell, Prof. Beverley Keel, Steven Barnes, Michelle Graham, and others. Our hosts at the Institute of Communications Research of the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, who not only are publishers of the magazine, handling the fiscal and contractual functions with aplomb, but also are contributing financially to Media Ethics as a sponsor. The Ethics & Excellence in Journalism Foundation, which generously contributes not only to MEDIA ETHICS, but also to many other journalism ethics programs and initiatives. We also want to give thanks and recognition for the significant support of the following individuals and groups: Helen Stark, Mark Fackler, the Dept. of Communications at Calvin College, Robert Gardner, and two anonymous individuals. The voluntary donations of each of these friends is extremely important to us.