Charles Warner & Joseph Buchman (2004). Media Selling: Broadcast, Cable, Print, and Interactive (3rd ed). (Ames, Iowa: Iowa State Press). xiv + 598 pp. ISBN 0-8138-0417-5, $49.99 (hardbound). Chapter quizzes, assignments/projects, references, endnotes, appendices (from sources of data to tips on writing copy), index.

Every so often, in order to encourage the practice, MEDIA ETHICS briefly mentions a text or other book on an allied topic that dedicates some space or attention to the subject of ethics. In this instance, we would like to point out that the third chapter in this staple textbook on the practices of media selling is devoted to the subject of "Sales Ethics."

The above article was published in Media Ethics , Spring 2004 (15:2), p. 34.