James E. Katz & Ronald E. Rice (2003). Social Consequences of Internet Use: Access, Involvement, and Interaction. (Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press). xxiv + 460 pp. ISBN 0-262-11269-8. $50.00 (hardbound). List of tables, boxes and figures, references, index, methodological and statistical appendices.

Even though the word "ethic" does not appear in the index to this volume, this book's analysis of the consequences of a major new communications technology, the ethic of its use (and the "moral economy" that it affects), and a tremendous amount of solid data (including several surveys of the Internet's social consequences) provide the communication scholar with a rich loam in which to plant the seeds of theory, analysis and reflection.

The above article was published in Media Ethics , Spring 2004 (15:2), p. 30.