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Waiving Private Manning

Jail CellBorderwoman



Edward Wasserman chides the media for failing to live up to their "golden age" watchdog reputation



The Changing Focus of Reportage from Smart Phones to Emo-Journalism

 Woman with smartphonepictureYouthBY GARY GROSSMAN


Gary Grossman focuses on the changes in journalism in the age of smart phones


Can News Councils Help? What Else Is Working?

johnhamerarticleAmanda BelandBY JOHN HAMER 


John Hamer looks at the Leveson Report and other calls for media regulation, asks "Can News Councils Help? What Else Is Working?," and suggests the Washington News Council as a model


A Tribute to Donald Gillmor

Thomas Gillmor Head ShotSilha Institute

Blanking Out: When Newspapers Take the News Off the Front Page




Russell Frank examines the purpose and effect of deliberately empty newspaper pages in "Blanking Out: When Newspapers Take the News Off"


Is the PR-ization of Media . . . B.S.?

handshake photoTobias Wolter



Kimberly Blessing & Joseph Marren wonder when public relations "spin" turns into "b.s."


Mirroring Diversity and Equality—San Francisco Style

lagronebridgePhoto: Amanda BelandBY KHEVEN LA GRONE


Kheven LaGrone analyses some aspects of communities in "Mirroring Diversity and Equality--San Francisco Style"


Report the Winners and the Losers: Ballots and Beetles




Raymond Fielding takes an "educational" approach to the 2012 elections in "Report the Winners and the Losers: Ballots and Beetles"


Announcements, Spring 2013

Upcoming and past meetings, events and seminars related to media ethics. The announcements that follow are based on information supplied by the organizations involved or other sponsors. If you wish to have announcements of future meetings published in Media Ethics, pelase send program and contact infromation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  as early as possible.

Book Reviews, Spring 2013

There are no book reviews in this months issue of Media Ethics Magazine.

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